Center for Molecular Modeling

The Center for Molecular Modeling (CMM) is organized and functions according to the general scheme of knowledge centers. It was founded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Slovenia.

The aim of the CMM is the concentration and promotion of knowledge, hardware, software, and their application within the scope of molecular modeling as a component of basic and applied research. Education in the foundations and methods of molecular modeling is also included in the aims of the center.

The activities of member scientists includes their research projects, development of methods, counseling and assisting others with their projects, and educational activities by organization of seminars, workshops, etc. These activities are supported by cooperating with institutions and colleagues abroad.


  • Transfer of knowledge, experiences, and results of molecular modeling to industries and other academic institutions.
  • Development of high-performance computing facilities based on clusters of commodity computer components.
  • Development of new methods used in molecular modeling.
  • Organization of seminars.
  • Projects.


  • STOCK: Structure mapper and online coarse-graining kit
  • ProBiS: Web server for protein binding sites detection
  • ENZO: Web tool for fast and easy enzyme kinetics studies
  • VRANA: A Parallel Computer
  • Simple MD simulation: Molecular dynamics with web technologies